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[NEWS] 140430 Park Yoochun’s new project, debut at ‘Cannes’..reveal its preview


Actors Ha Jung-woo, Joo Won, and Park Yoochun’s new movies will make its debut on international stage Cannes Film Festival.

Opening on May 14, the 67th Cannes Film Festival’s market will go through with its current events. Those movies’ first previews are expected to be released by South Korean films’ international sales agency FINECUT, too.

With Director Bong Joon-ho undertaking the production and starring Park Yoochun, Kim Yoon-seok, and Han Ye-ri, ‘Sea Fog’ is scheduled to have its promotional screenings for sales on May 15th and 17th. Based on the screenplay with the same name, ‘Sea Fog’ is about the story of a smuggler ship’s crew and is directed by director Shim Sung-bo who wrote the script of ‘Memories of Murder’ into a drama.

Note: parts unrelated to Park Yoochun and Sea Fog were omitted.

Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
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I.F./Infinite Flow Feat. Tablo & JW from Nell – Rain Bow Lyrics and Translation


infinite-flow Album: More than Music, 2nd Album
Release Date: December 4th, 2006
Notes: Plot of the song: Two male friends. They (or one of the two) have been in love with each other since junior high. One of the boys, due to the pressure of society, is getting married. This song is from the POV of the friend being left behind.

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[OTHER TWITTER] 140416 SBS has cancelled today’s episode of ‘Three Days’ for breaking news


 photo 140416sbsnow.png

[TRANS] [Information notice of change in organization] For SBS News breaking news, we are cancelling ‘Three Days’, ‘Oh My Baby’, and ‘Nightline’.

Note: SBS cancelled the broadcast of 3Days to show their condolences for the victims of the Sewol ferry accident today.[via @Sheenathe6004]

Source: @SBSNOW
Translated & Shared by:JYJ3

For more information, you can Korea JoongAng Daily’s article: HERE

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[TRANS] 140409~10 Netizens’ Reactions to ‘Three Days’ Episodes 11 & 12


Note: this post contains spoilers!

Episode 11

 photo 2014040922104398068_59_20140409221205.jpg

‘Three Days’ Son Hyun Joo joined hands with Choi Won Young “I’ll be a faithful dog”
10Asia via Naver

1. (+373, -39) ‘Three Days’ is great fun.
2. (+257, -11) Seems like Son Hyun Joo will be the last winner.
3. (+257, -20) Wow.. how long has it been since the drama started, it’s surely ascending.. But President, you shouldn’t be like this ㅜ
4. (+237, -15) Son Hyun Joo, I really like your voice.
5. (+213, -19) Ah.. ‘Three Days’ is addictive.
6. (+95, -1) Yoon Je Moon is damn terrific, I truly got goosebumps.


 photo 201404092306451114_1_59_20140409230702.jpg

‘Three Days’ Son Hyun Joo, “I can’t do anything all by myself” Tears
MyDaily via Naver

1. (+103, -1) The sad moment when the special prosecutor and Han Tae Kyung opened the door and looked at the empty seat makes me sob~~ President’s tears *once again…

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