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140330 Park Yuchun, Matt Damon Perfect Synchronization..Action + Visual Are Both ‘Great’


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29March2014 [NEWS/TRANS] “007” Bond has used this before! Revealing the 5 real firearms used in Park YuChun’s drama “Three Days”

South Korean artist Park YuChun acts as an outstanding personal bodyguard of the President in his new drama <Three Days>. As the storyline is about the assassination of the President, terrorist attack etc serious kind of issue, there are gunfire thrilling scenes appearing in almost every episode in the drama. Some fans of weapon and ammunition found out that the firearms used in the drama have powerful background. One of the semi-automatic pistol Walther P99 was used as by James Bond in his <007> movie series. (T/N: The Walther P99 is a German pistol which replaced theWalther PPK as James Bond’s main sidearm from 1997 <Tomorrow Never Dies> to 2008 <Quantum of Solace> cr: The production team has announced to the public that [real guns] are used in all the scenes in the drama.

Park YuChun’s new big budget drama imported real guns from oversea for filming purpose.

7014_684783461568070_1509043962_nHeckler & Koch…

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[NEWS] 140326 ‘Three Days’ Park Yoochun, Glaring with emotions through his lethal eyes


Park Yoochun –who’s appearing in SBS’s Wed-Thur drama special ‘Three Days’– is demonstrating how he can express emotions through his lethal eyes, glaring at someone. Park Yoochun is attracting attention with his lithe nose and cherry lips.

‘Three Days’ is a mystery-suspense & melodrama depicting the incident surrounding the assassination of the President when the President leaves for his private villa. It portrays the overflow of tension by telling about a variety of people protecting the President from getting assassinated in a limited amount of time with each time span of 3 days totalling a record of 9 days as the opening act of battle, decisive battle, and judgment.

‘Three Days’ episode 7 will air March 26 at 10 pm.

Source:SBS funE
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
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