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[TRANS] 140226 Excerpts from ‘Three Days’ Press Conference


Son Hyun-joo praising Park Yuchun:

“This is my first collaboration with Park Yuchun. Before this, I have heard a lot of things about him, about his character being very “sincere”. But Park Yuchun’s sincerity is way above hearsay. I thought he would be someone who says many nice words, but he actually doesn’t talk much and it shows in his actions instead. He is always early at the filming site and on standby very quickly. He has a pure strength, and that will permeate throughout the drama.”

“Yuchun’s physical condition is not very good, because of his right shoulder ligament injury, he can’t move much, but he insists on continuing with the filming, never showing his pain. There are many actors around his age; they all have their own personality, but in Yuchun I see many healthy sides. The word “healthy” also encompasses many meanings; compared to others, Yuchun is…

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