[TRANS] Singles Korea Magazine (July 2014 Issue) Excerpt: About ‘Sea Fog’


Q: It has been confirmed that will <Sea Fog> be shown on August.
A: I really don’t know how it will be presented. From my accent in speaking, my steps while walking to the position of my shoulders, I have been living for Dong Shik. After finish acting, I have no idea what I have been doing. Now I am Park YuChun so I don’t have to immerse myself into the movie to live as Park YuChun but living as Park YuChun, it will be just like occasionally forgetting what did I eat the day before, totally unable to recall. During the recording of ADR (automated dialogue replacement, or additional dialogue recording), I was also looking at the scenes but it felt so unfamiliar. I did not make any calculations, totally following my instincts while advancing. I was not sure whether it’s a good and bad thing so I felt…

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[NEWS] 140617 JYJ Appointed as Honorary Ambassador for World Water Forum 2015


JYJ has been appointed as honorary ambassador for World Water Forum.

C-JeS Entertainment revealed on June 17, “JYJ will be appointed as honorary ambassador during World World Forum D-300 event taking place on June 19 in EXCO, Daegu.”

The organizing committee for World Water Forum 2015 stated, “We decided to appoint JYJ as honorary ambassador to raise awareness and foster global promotions as we prepare to launch World Water Forum next year. Through JYJ’s fame, we will be aiming for people around the world to recognize the preciousness of water and to practice saving water.”

 photo 2014030310111541164.jpg

Lee Jung Moo, the head of the organizing committee said, “We’re expecting JYJ’s appointment as honorary ambassador to lead to successful launching of World Water Forum and help Korea become one of the leading countries in terms of saving water.”

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[NEWS] JYJ to be appointed as ambassadors of ‘World Water…

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[NEWS] 140614 JYJ’s Park Yuchun to appear in ‘Happy Camp’ ; “warm, manly image leaving a deep impact into people’s hearts”


According to reports, JYJ member Park Yuchun will participate in the recording of Chinese variety show 《Happy Camp》 as a guest on June 23.

Park Yuchun has starred in 《Rooftop Prince》, 《Missing You》, and 《Three Days》, with many different character roles; and is well-received by audiences’ loves for his outstanding acting, obtaining Paeksang Arts Awards’ “Popularity Award” for 3 straight years.

In addition, Park Yuchun will hold his “2014 Park Yuchun Fanmeeting Housewarming Party” in Guangzhou on June 14.

On June 13, Park Yuchun had held a press conference before his fanmeeting; in an indigo checkered, laid-back suit, his dashing good looks attracted every news media’s flash bulbs at the place. Park Yuchun’s face swells up with both soft and gentle features, and a slightly shy smile; his warm, manly image leaving a deep impact into people’s hearts.

Fans even said: “Yuchun oppa was very handsome”, “I am really looking forward to Yuchun coming to…

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[NEWS] 140430 Park Yoochun’s new project, debut at ‘Cannes’..reveal its preview


Actors Ha Jung-woo, Joo Won, and Park Yoochun’s new movies will make its debut on international stage Cannes Film Festival.

Opening on May 14, the 67th Cannes Film Festival’s market will go through with its current events. Those movies’ first previews are expected to be released by South Korean films’ international sales agency FINECUT, too.

With Director Bong Joon-ho undertaking the production and starring Park Yoochun, Kim Yoon-seok, and Han Ye-ri, ‘Sea Fog’ is scheduled to have its promotional screenings for sales on May 15th and 17th. Based on the screenplay with the same name, ‘Sea Fog’ is about the story of a smuggler ship’s crew and is directed by director Shim Sung-bo who wrote the script of ‘Memories of Murder’ into a drama.

Note: parts unrelated to Park Yoochun and Sea Fog were omitted.

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